The Kingisepp municipal district is situated on the Southwest of the Leningrad region. The geographical location of the district is quite unique: it has the land and sea border with foreign states, some of which are the former Soviet republics, thus being literally one of the УwindowsФ to Europe.

Almost 50% of the total length of the district border is a frontier zone, one-tenth Ц the border with Estonia, the rest of it Ц the gate to the candinavian and European countries.

Kingisepp municipal district area is 290.8 thousand hectares. The municipal educational system includes the territories of towns Kingisepp and Ivangorod and 9 country settlements.

Kingisepp district also has a number of relatively large islands: Gogland, Moschn, Seskar, etc. The lower regions of two navigable rivers: Narova and Luga lay within the districtТs borders. The length of the coastline of the gulf of Finland is 125.8 kilometers: Narvsky gulf, Luzhskaya bay, Koporskaya bay. Luzhskaya bay is navigable for sea fleet and practically does not freeze at wintertime. These unique natural features allow for the exploitation of the port components virtually year around, with very short period of icebreaking shipsТ passage.

The district is also crossed by series of railways and highways, including those uniting the nationsТ second largest city Ц St. Petersburg with Estonian capital, Tallinn. The distance between Kingisepp and St. Petersburg by rail is 138 km, on highway by car Ц 110 kilometers. Ivangorod is located in 150 km from St. Petersburg and at frontier with Estonia Republic.

The districtsТ industrial orientation is quite wide, having based on own natural resources and thus has an excellent economic potential.

The districtТs geographical situation favors its development Ц the municipal prospective are related largely to the construction of new seaport powers, and the development of port surrounding areas. The important advantage is also in the wide investment opportunities in all spheres of industry.

The territories adjacent to the gulf of Finland, and Narva and Luga rivers as well as the islands in the gulf of Finland are characterized by a diverse relief with the predominance of pine forests. The use of sand beaches of Kurgalsky peninsula and along the coast allows to compensate for the lost spa and resort zones in the Baltic states.

The island of the Finish Gulf represent the potential interest for the development of the international yacht tourism and sport. Especial state has Gogland which is the biggest and most interesting island in an east part of the Gulf. It has unique nature and nice conditions for an yacht cover when crossing from one place to another.

The district includes eleven lakes, among the largest ones are Kopanskoe, Lipovskoe, Beloye, Glubokoe, Babinskoe, Habolovskoe.

For the preservation of the vegetation environments, as well as the river-lake network with their rare flora and fauna, there has been created a national reserve Kotelsky, the habitat to moose, fox, badger, wild boar, and marten.

The district territory also includes the water and bog lands of international significance, the Kurgalsky peninsula. Here, over 200 types of birds reside; ate least 7 are rare species included into Russian national Red Book. The peninsula is a home to 96 species of flora, 38 species of mammals, including such low number types as a bear, beaver, flying squirrel, otter, gray seal, and ringed seal.

The Northwest part of the peninsula also features one more national reserve of the regional significance, УDubravy u derevni VelkotaФ.

The district features quite rich population of various fish: Baltic salmon, kumzha, rainbow trout, pikeperch, bream, burbot, lamprey, eel etc. The presence of large water resources gives good opportunities for the seasonal waterfowl hunting. The district territory has several hunting camps, equipped for tourists.

The Kingisepp municipal district is an area with 600-year-old history. The rich historical and cultural heritage of Kingisepp and Ivangorod lands is represented by a large number of architectural monuments; while those perished during the years of civil and the second world war are commemorated in memorial complexes in city and the district.

Ivangorod fortress has special place amongst architectural monuments of the district. It is a unique monument of the military-defensive architecture of Russian of the XV-XVII centuries. There is no complex similar one in Russia.

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